Job Seekers

Job search is trying to find a new job, due to unemployment, discontent with the current job, or the desire to get a better job, as many people seek to submit their applications to employers, in order to obtain the appropriate job, by collecting information Through websites, newspapers… Below we review an article about job seekers

Difficulty finding a job:
Many of our Arab societies and third world countries suffer from the unemployment crisis, and the difficulty of obtaining suitable work, and many graduates suffer from finding jobs that suit their specializations and studies, and for this they are forced, after a lot of seeking to get the right job, to accept a job far every away from their field of study.

Ways to search for a job:
– Internet sites: Contacting as many people as possible is a very effective way to find a job, and business owners are increasingly using social networking sites to advertise their need for employees and to gather information about job applicants.

– Recruitment sites, classified ads, in magazines and newspapers.

– Private and public employment agencies.

– Visiting companies and institutions, to find out if they need employees at the present or in the future.

Submit a CV:
Where the person seeking a job sends the CV to the institution or company, by e-mail, or calling the institution and inquiring about the existence of vacancies, and the CV should be organized, brief, and oriented towards the desired job.

Conducting a job interview:
After sending the resume to the organization, the employer selects potential employees for an interview, during which the employer searches for the best employee for the work environment, and often more than one interview is conducted and selects the best among the applicants.

Reasons for the lack of employment opportunities:
– Lack of qualifications: Young people who do not have any skills are more likely to be unemployed. There is a close relationship between the inability to find work, and the applicant’s weak abilities to work in mathematics and English.
– The incompatibility of the disciplines taught in institutes and universities with the requirements of the market, and they neglect electronic studies and technological development.
– The spread of nepotism and favoritism, which results in the presence of the wrong person in the wrong place.
– Many graduates refused to work in jobs that did not match their qualifications and field of study.
– The current economic conditions in many countries, which caused the layoffs of many workers.
– Lacking postgraduate jobs, many young people drop out of college, earn a higher education, and some find they are overqualified for the job market they are entering.
– Lack of prior experience may result in companies not wanting to hire in the first place.

Unemployment definition:
Unemployment refers to the total number of employed people who are willing to work but do not have a job, since getting a job in itself is already a difficult task.

Too many people are forced to stick to jobs that they are not happy to do, and unemployment is one of the biggest problems people face in business.

Tips for job seekers:
– Don’t spend more than 20% of your time applying directly to a job, unless you are quite fit, it is a waste of time.
– As soon as you see a job of interest, contact the department head or anyone connected to the hiring manager directly.
– Expand your circle of relationships, as getting to know a large number of people can introduce you to a number of people in order to reach business owners.
– CV Preparation If your CV is not a perfect match, you will need to narrow the focus and amplify your accomplishments, focus your CV on the desired goal, and try to develop it.
– Find a set of common interview questions and force yourself to answer each question out loud for two full minutes, this will be a great exercise and a real confidence builder for the actual interview.
– Control the interview, ask the interviewer to describe the actual needs of the job.
– Learn some new trades and skills required by the job market.
– Follow up on recruitment sites, classified ads, and vacancy announcements through social networking sites.